Treasurer and Personnel Officer

Treasurer/ Personnel Officer

Samantha Jones



Office Hours 9:00am to 5:00pm

2.14.090 Treasurer duties and qualifications.

The duties and qualifications of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

A. The Treasurer shall maintain interaction with heads of City departments, in order to maintain and assess the value of inventory of assets, and coordination of purchase requests;

B. The Treasurer shall have primary responsibility for the implementation of HMC Title 4, Revenue and Finance, and all activities pertaining to the position shall be in accordance with that title;

C. Carry out other duties as set by AS 29.20.390, the Mayor and City Council, and any other duties as required by law;

D. Be in charge of and responsible for all City funds. This job is one of the most important in City government. The Treasurer must keep a complete account of money received and spent by the City. It is the Treasurer’s duty to see that City bills are paid and inform the City Council of the financial condition of the City. The Treasurer is responsible for making sure that only authorized funds are spent and is in charge of all financial records (ledger books, check registers, checkbooks and other financial records);

E. Be responsible for filling out necessary applications and forms, including required reports, for the state, federal and borough funds;

F. Help the Mayor develop the annual budget to be prepared by April 30th of each year (see HMC 4.05.020);

G. Provide the Mayor and Council with monthly financial reports, including fund balances, current budget status, and verify the accuracy of reports relating to the City’s financial condition;

H. Payroll administration;

I. Purchasing and accounts payable processing;

J. When deemed necessary, prepare assessment roll by the Treasurer’s office in conjunction with the Borough Assessor (see HMC 4.18.080(C)); and

K. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the City.